Tough Times Demand Tough Talk
by Sharon Murphy
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It's been 4 days, and I'm feeling depressed and hopeless. What's happening in our government upsets me more than words can truly describe.

It’s been 4 days, and I’m feeling depressed and hopeless. What’s happening in our government upsets me more than words can truly describe. Whether you support Trump’s agenda or not, you cannot look at this man and think him a compassionate person. He does not think of others. He does not lead from the heart. He does not lead from a love of country or humankind, but from a love of money, from a love of material things (I do not see how he can be viewed as a Godly person). That is not the kind of person I think should be running a country that thinks it sets the pace for the world.

The way I’ve seen Trump supporters insult and criticize those who do not support him is shameful (I’m guessing it happens the other way around, I simply haven’t seen it). If one results to name-calling, there is no more discussion, there is only hostility and the desire to win, not to be right. That kind of thinking will get us nowhere. You, every single one of you, should be asking the “why” of it all. Every time you come across a new bit of news, ask why. Questions like….

  • Why are democrats so terrified of where we’re headed?
  • Why was/is Bernie so desirable to millennials?
  • Why do people support Trump?
  • Why is Trump complaining on Twitter?
  • Why is DeVos a choice for secretary of education?
  • Why is he cutting arts funding when it’s such a small fraction of the budget?
  • Why push through these pipelines to create jobs when they won’t be there when the pipeline is finished?
  • For that matter, why push a pipeline through when there’s millions that could be made on researching alternative energy?
  • Why do you think democrats/republicans are blind to what’s really going on?
  • Why do you feel the need to protest?
  • Why do you feel the need to tell people to wait it out?

And when you ask those questions, you cannot simply rely on your opinion. You have to seek the truth. I have seen so many opinions fly around, laced with hatred for “the other side,” that I cannot take it anymore. It’s so saddening to see us treat each other this way. And trust me, those who don’t support Trump do not want to say “I told you so.” We would much rather say, “oh, thank God, we were wrong!”

I am (as a friend put it today) a tree-hugging hippie liberal, and I believe in supporting the arts, the environment, and especially each other. I will continue to do so even though I feel like my heart is being ripped out of me these days.

I will listen to anyone who wants to have a discussion with me about this, really about anything. But, the moment I’m insulted, the conversation is over. That doesn’t just go for politics, that goes for anything. And it doesn’t just go for right now, it goes for anytime. I don’t know anyone who would stand for someone to insult them during an online discussion, but to call someone a “snowflake” because they’re upset about Trump does nothing but make the person insulted feel inferior and makes the one who said it a bully. I’m just so emotionally exhausted that I simply cannot put forth the energy that it takes to put on a “brave face” anymore. I’m going to spend my energy, compassion, love, and time elsewhere.

No one likes being called names, no one likes being called ignorant, so let’s stop doing that to each other and see what happens when we actually try to hash this out like intelligent and compassionate people.

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